The Glynn/Glenn/McGlynn family originating in Culkeen, Co. Roscommon 1825 - 2017

Michael Glynn (1825-1882) and Mary Mullen (1828-1889) of Culkeen, County Roscommon had a family of seven boys (that we know of). Three of the sons, Patrick, the eldest, (1845-1922), Thomas, second (1848-1922 and Joseph, seventh, (1860-1926) emigrated to Kansas City , Missouri. Michael the third son died as an infant. The 4th, 5th and 6th sons James (1855-1934), John (1855-1929) and Hugh (1858-1889) stayed in Ireland.

The Irish surname Glynn is an English form of the Gaelic "Mag Fhloinn", which in turn derives from "flann", meaning "ruddy". "Mag" is a form of "Mac", meaning "son". The main sept of "Mag Fhloinn" originated in Westmeath/Roscommon, but the name is common in Ireland today. Other Glynn families may be descended from Welsh or English families.

Where is Culkeen?

McGlynn rather than Glynn is the most correct English version of the surname.

The house built by Michael Glynn on seven acres of poor land in 1860.

An update of Glynntree, Glynntree August 2018.docx, compiled by Christine Mills and containing details of births, marriages and deaths of family members can be downloaded here. More than 900 descendants, spouses included, are listed there. Update news is appreciated.

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Compiled by: Aodan Glynn, Christine Mills, Rich Hathorne, Patty Glynn &  Sean Glynn

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