The Glynn/Glenn/McGlynn family originating in Culkeen, Co. Roscommon 1825 - 2015

Biography - B22 Mary Ellen (Mollie) Glynn.

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Mary Ellen (Mollie) Glynn was the eldest daughter and third child of John Glynn and Mary Anne Coyne. She was born on 28th of June 1896 in Williamstown. Mollie married a local man who was much older than she was - 21 years older - Michael Cunneely, son of Martin and Catherine Cunneely. The marriage was arranged by her brother, Joe. Michael had inherited his parents' shop and licensed premises in Williamstown and he and Mollie lived there until his death on 12 October 1947.
The family story was that Michael left all of his estate to his nephew Martin J Feeney. Poor Mollie, discovering his intention to do so, via a friendly legal clerk from Michael's solicitor's office, had to try and put aside a few pennies from the shop in the years before his death. In his will Michael did indeed leave the business to Martin Joe and only 2,000 to Mollie. A codicil to the will however bequeathed "to my wife, part of the lands known as Kate Lynch's Barrack Field, comprising half an acre as a building site, said site to have a frontage of sixty feet of the public road and to be taken from that portion of the lands adjoining Dr Devilly's premises". He also left Mollie 750 in addition to the money left to her in the will, to build a residence on the site and the right to reside in her present dwelling house until the new house was erected or 12 months from Michael's death, whichever was shorter. The will was dated 19 June 1947 in very shaky handwriting and the codicil was added on 23 June 1947.
Michael died at the Bons Secours Nursing Home, Tuam, Co. Galway on 12 October 1947 and according to the 1949 calendar of wills, probate was granted at Dublin to Martin J Feeney, merchant, effects 1043.14.11. Martin was executor of the will and chief beneficiary. On 13 May 1948 James Cahill, Mollie's solicitor, took Martin J Feeney to court. Mollie's family must have advised her to contest the will. The court however recognised the will and codicil and Mollie lost the case.
Looking at the cancelled books for Williamstown it looks as if Martin Joe didn't live long to enjoy his inheritance. The property passed to his wife Mary K Feeney in 1952 and from her to (their son?) John Feeney in 1971.
Meantime, Mollie built herself a fine house and shop at the western end of town right beside the Roman Catholic church. The shop was a grocery, drapery and hardware store and Mollie ran it, with her sister Kathleen's help, until her death on the 5th of January 1980. It's not known how much business the shop actually did. In 1964 the population of Williamstown was approximately 160 and it had several shops and licensed premises - John Glynn, Thomas Glynn and Martin Feeney, to name but three - in competition. Kathleen used to send us chocolates and biscuits from the shop each Christmas and they were guaranteed to be "off" and became a standing family joke.