The Glynn/Glenn/McGlynn family originating in Culkeen, Co. Roscommon 1825 - 2015

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By Christine Mills

John Glynn was baptised on 10 February 1856. He was the fourth son of Michael Glynn and Mary Mullen. Michael died in 1882 and, as three of his older brothers had emigrated and one had died, the seven-acre farm at Culkeen was left to John. Younger brother Hugh set himself up in business in nearby Williamstown in 1887 and his mother Mary went to live with him shortly before her death in 1889. Hugh himself died at a young age in 1890 leaving an estate valued at 1,113 to John and younger brother James, the only Glynn brothers remaining in Ireland. John decided to sell the farm and try his hand at shop keeping in Williamstown. The income from selling the lease on the farm 40 and his share of Hugh's estate were used to buy a lease on the Corner House in 1893, after some years had been spent in residence there and ownership succession rights of the previous owners had been settled.
On 2 February 1893 John married Mary Anne Coyne, born in 1870, the daughter of Patrick and Honoria Kyne from nearby Kilnalag. John was aged 34, according to his marriage certificate, but was really aged 37 and his young bride was only 22 years of age. Mary Anne died in Williamstown in 1946. Eithne Glynn, daughter of Paddy Glynn remembers her grandmother Mary Anne (Maine Rua so called because of her red hair) as a woman who spoke quietly and was always dressed in black. Grandfather Glynn she recalls as a tall man with a bushy beard. He was a fluent Irish speaker, something the family was very proud of.
The family of John Glynn and Mary Anne Coyne
1. Michael Joseph (Joe) was born on 3 December 1893 in Williamstown.. The sponsors at his baptism were Edmond Coyne and Kate Coyne. He married Theresa (Terry) Langan from Roundfort, Co Mayo, on 19 October 1936 at Haddington Road Church, Dublin. Joe and Terry never had children. Terry died on 18 December 1970 in Dublin. Joe moved home to Williamstown and died there on 3 January 1985 aged 91.
2. Patrick (Paddy) was born on 24 February 1895 in Williamstown. The sponsors at his baptism were John Coyne and Honoria Coyne. Patrick married Christina Burns on 16 August 1921 in Sligo and they had a family of six children. Christina died on 22 September 1944 following a routine operation. Paddy died on 26 October 1966 in Clonmel, Co Tipperary aged 71.
3. Mary Ellen (Mollie) was born on 28 June 1896 in Williamstown. No baptismal entry was found in the local Catholic records for Mollie. She married Michael Cunneely, a shopkeeper from Williamstown. Michael died on 12 October 1947 and Mollie died on 5th January 1980 in Williamstown, aged 83.
4. Hubert (Herbert) was born on 26 January 1898 in Williamstown. The sponsors at his baptism were James > Glynn and Ellen Glynn. Hubert married Mary McMahon circa 1928 and they had a family of six children. Mary died on 19 September 1969 and Hubert died on 22 January 1974 in Howth, Co Dublin aged 75.
5. John (Sean) was born on 24 September 1899 in Williamstown. The sponsors at his baptism were Thomas Morgan and Mary Jane Morgan. Sean married local girl Anne Finnegan on 28 April 1934 at Haddington Road Church, Dublin. They never had children. Sean died on 13 May 1974 in Williamstown aged 74. Anne survived him by many years dying on 9 December 1993
6. Anna (Annie) was born on 25 April 1901 in Williamstown. The sponsors at her baptism were Thomas Coyne and Catherine Conneely. Annie died of TB on 26 May 1917 aged only 16 and is buried with her parents
7. Catherine (Kathleen) was born on 5 April 1903 in Williamstown. She married John (Jack) Quinn on 31 December 1933 in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. They never had children. Jack died on 5 December 1963 and Kathleen died on 16 April 1996 aged 93
8. Honoria Teresa (Nora) was born on 6 January 1906 in Williamstown. She never married and died on 14 January 1978 in Williamstown aged 72.
9. Sarah Angela (Cis) was born on 12 August 1906 in Williamstown. She married Terence Casey on 21 August 1924 in Dublin. Cis and Terence had four children in Boston, Mass. USA.She died in Boston on January 5th 2005
10. James Francis (Seamus) was born on 26 July 1908 in Williamstown. He married in Tuam on 11 August 1937 Brid McGough (born 27 September 1910). Seamus and Brid had five sons. Seamus died on 11 February 1964 in Claregalway aged 55. Brid died on the 27th December 1988
11. Rose Delia was born on 1 May 1911 in Williamstown. She married John (Jack) Fitzmaurice on 14 September 1938 in Galway. They had three children. Jack died on 31 December 1959. Rose went to live in Salford, Lancashire and was married for a second time to Thomas McTiernan on 19 March 1966. Rose died on 10 March 1995 aged 83 in Salford, England.
12. Thomas (Tommy) was born on 13 February 1913 in Williamstown. He married Maureen McHugh in Dunmore, Co Galway on 10 January 1949 and they had a family of four children. Tommy died on 29 December 1972 aged 59 in Williamstown. Maureen died on 8 July 1996 in Galway.


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