The Glynn/Glenn/McGlynn family originating in Culkeen, Co. Roscommon 1825 - 2015

Biography - B2 Mary Agnes (Babe) McGlynn.

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Mary Agnes, the only daughter of Patrick and Mary McGlynn was born on 23 April 1878. She was named for her mother (Mary Lyons) and her paternal grandmother. She grew up on the family farm in Argentine. Like most females of the day she was not noted as having an occupation in any of the censuses but one assumes she worked just as hard as the menfolk in the family. She would have helped her mother around the house, taking over the brunt of the cooking and cleaning as her mother aged. Presumably she also did what were considered to be women’s tasks around the farm – looked after the poultry, preserved fruit and vegetables etc.
Mary Agnes’ pet name was "Babe", long before the word meant a nubile, sexy, young woman. She is remembered as being approximately 5ft 7ins tall, long thin face, chestnut brown hair and blue eyes. She played the piano and was an excellent seamstress.
A photo, identified by Margaret and Marie Cleary and Margaret Kennedy – all long time residents of Argentine - as being Mary Agnes is a portrait of an attractive young lady, long, dark hair tied up in a bun and a black choker around her neck. Babe was to become very bent in her later years. She belonged to a women’s group called Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Father Matthew – LAKFM. They were against drinking and smoking and would meet in each other’s home on a regular basis, have dinner and then play cards!
Mary Agnes was the family correspondent exchanging letters and Christmas greetings with her father’s family, and possibly her mother’s too, in Ireland. Her cousins Bryda and Cis, daughters of her father’s brother A4James, from Dunmore, County Galway were her particular correspondents. Many of their letters are amongst the papers in the possession of Marilyn (Platt) McGlynn (wife of her nephew, Patrick James Eugene McGlynn) in California.
Mary Agnes died, aged 74, on Tuesday December 2nd 1952. She was buried on December 5th in St Joseph’s Cemetery, Shawnee, with her parents and brothers.