The Glynn/Glenn/McGlynn family originating in Culkeen, Co. Roscommon 1825 - 2015

                 Letter 1.  
Kansas City, Kansas, R.R.#2, Dec. 8th 1932
Mrs. John Glynn & family Williamstown, Irl.
My dear aunt and cousins,
With pleasure I am dropping you these few lines for the holidays, hoping they will find you all in good health as we are at present, thank God. I was not able to accept your invitation to Ireland for the Eucharistic Congress this past summer but maybe sometime in the future, I could come. I was not feeling a bit well this past Spring to start on such a long journey. I was troubled more or less with touches of rheumatism. I have been feeling a great deal better for some time now. I know I missed a whole lot by not going, for indeed it must have been wonderful.
I heard one of the bishops or priests from Boston speak over the radio on the closing afternoon, right in our dining room. Also the Holy Father's secretary giving his blessing to the people. It was so plain to be heard all the way from Dublin. If I had been going I would have written to my cousin* in Boston which you gave me the address of and had her to meet me. Then I would know I would not get lost.
It was at the time of year when we are very busy, with school closing and all. My nephew** graduated on the first day of June from High School. He thought it would be a nice graduating present to go to Ireland. So with everything considered I thought it best not to make the trip this time.
He is away to boarding school this year. In St Benedict's, Maur Hill, Atchison, Kans. Supposed to be one of the best school in the State.
(letter incomplete)
* She refers to Sarah (Glynn) Casey  **Her nephew is James Patrick Eugene McGlynn, son of  Michael Joseph McGlynn

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