The Glynn/Glenn/McGlynn family originating in Culkeen, Co. Roscommon 1825 - 2015

             Letter 3.
Kansas City, Kansas, R.R.#2  Nov. 29th 1944.
Mrs. Kathleen Glynn, Williamstown, Eire.
My Dear cousin Kathleen,
It is well time I would write to you. Your last letter was written Oct. 16th 1943 and it has some history. I did not receive it till July 17th 1944 as it went to Argentine Republic in South America. You had written Argentine on your letter just below Kansas City, Kansas. We used to use that before they changed it to Kansas City, Kansas, R.R.#2. However your letter was very interesting and I enjoyed getting it.
You said you hoped you would receive good news from us but I am sorry to say not so good as for some years past.
As we lost our oldest brother, Michael Jan 15th 1944by death. He had been a railroad man for years, but in the depression in this country he was laid off and did not get back on. So he came home and stayed with us a few years. He liked to cook so he helped me around the house a good deal and made quite a cook of himself. So help got so scarce in the city & wages so high, we thought he would try a job as a cook. He had night work at a good salary and was getting along nicely, as we thought. He worked Friday night and on Saturday morning, went to his room, which was next door to where he worked. Left his call with the lady as usual for four o'clock. She went to his room and got no answer so they investigated and found him gone. He had passed away from a heart attack. My, what a shock for us when we got the message. 
He being James' father made it very hard as he was away at service in the Aleutian Islands, too far to come home. Lord have mercy on him. We miss him very much. James came home on furlough latter part of July and part of August, then he was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia, which is in the States. Makes it a little better for us.
Thank you very much for your kind invitation to him to visit you. He sure will do that if he ever is your way and has the chance to do so. I never seem to get anyone going to Boston that I could to call on your sister. You have so many brothers & sisters, they must be scattered all over that part of Ireland. Does the boy that was the wireless** ever go on the sea or ocean anymore? He used to write such interesting letters.
Sure is nice for your mother you are all living so you can visit her. Does the girl in Boston* and her husband expect to stay in Eire when they go back?  
Crops in this country have been rather good this year, that is grain and vegetables. Fruit of the tree kind was almost a failure but small small fruits such as berries were very good. Well Kathleen, as it is getting late will soon have to come to a close. Hope your mother is getting along well. Does she still be bothered with diabetes or has she conquered it?
Hoping you are all well as we are at present. I will close, wishing God's blessing on you and yours, in good health and happiness. My brothers join with me in wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & a happy New Year. Hoping to hear from you soon.
Your affectionate cousin, Mary Agnes McGlynn.
*Sarah Casey (Glynn)  ** She refers to Hubert Glynn, Williamstown, wireless operator with the British Merchant Navy.

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