The Glynn/Glenn/McGlynn family originating in Culkeen, Co. Roscommon 1825 - 2015

            Letter 4.
Kansas City, Kansas, R.R.#2 Dec. 11th 1945.
Mrs. Mary Glynn ,Williamstown Irl.
My dear aunt and cousins,
Just a few lines to let you know we are all well and hope you are all the same, thank God.
Of course in Europe as well as in America, all rejoiced that the war is over. Though Irl. took no part in it they had a feeling in their hearts just the same as most of them as well as ourselves had relatives in it.
Our nephew, James, came home on the 23rd of September and got a position in recreation work in the Welfare Department which I hope he will be able to keep.
Have all your friends come home safe who went to the war? Maybe people worried more than they had need to about the boys. Most of the boys, I think, enjoyed the most part of it
It is very cold here this two or three days. Yesterday was 12 above zero and I think this morning something similar. That is pretty bad but not as bad as zero. Do not suppose you ever have it that cold there?
One thing we are sure glad for the rationing is off everything except meat. As we have had no hogs the last several years we have to buy all our meat, except the poultry. Just chickens we have, no turkeys, just chickens and eggs. Eggs have been a very good price for a long time now and our hens sure did lay but they are about quit now as most of them are moulting. For some time eggs have been 60 & 65 cents a dozen but when they go that price they are scarce. We had an abundant apple crop, thank God. They were a good price and easily sold. Are selling very high now but we have only a few left. How did you manage the ration stamps in your store? Did you not find them quite a bother? Some of the store people here sure did dislike them
Dear aunt, I did not hear much news from Ire. this summer, suppose my cousins were too busy to write. Do you still have the boy Tom* in the store? He certainly must be a comfort to you, with all the rest away. One thing you may be thankful, they most all are living near.
Well, dear aunt and cousins as my space is filling I will have to come to a close, wishing you the best of God's graces and a very Merry Christmas, a happy and prosperous New Year to you and all of you in good health and lots of good luck in your undertakings. Hoping to hear from you soon.
Your affectionate niece and cousin, Mary Agnes McGlynn.
*Thomas Glynn, the youngest of the Williamstown family

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