The Glynn/Glenn/McGlynn family originating in Culkeen, Co. Roscommon 1825 - 2015


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Jul 21 2018 Obituary: Julia K (Hardy) Singleton
Dec 9th 2017 The latest version of Glynntree can be downloaded
Aug 4th 2016 Obituary: Helen Duggan
Nov 30th 2016 The death of Eithne Glynn
Oct 29th 2015 Malachy Glynn obituary
Nov 8th 2014 The wedding of Denise Glynn and Brendan Carty.
Jun 12th 2014 The accidental death of Larry Neff, husband of Hannah Glynn.
Mar 3rd 2014 Anna Glynn, Loughrea, Co. Galway passed away on Jan 31st 2014.
Nov 2nd 2013 Wedding photo of Ryan Michael Callahan and Stephanie Hill on June 8th 2013 and link to blog.
Sep 21st 2013 Wedding photo of Erica Glynn and David Robb & other Glynn photos.
Aug 14th 2013 July 23rd, a baby girl for James Glynn and Carol (Sligo). They've called her Eabha, the Irish form of Eve, pronounced Ava
Feb 24th 2013 Marilyn McGlynn of Stockton California died, aged 86 on February 3rd. See Marilyn's obituary.
Aug 13th 2012 After a short illness, John Martin (Jack) Glynn, Bendemeer Park, Magazine Road, Cork died on August 11th. Great grandson of Michael Glynn, grandson of John Glynn (Williamstown) and eldest son of Patrick J. (Paddy) Glynn, he was 87. Read the eulogy by his son, Conor.
Jun 15th 2012 Brendan Glynn, Whitestrand Park, Galway, died on Friday 15th. He was a son of Jimmy Glynn, Dunmore and great grandson of Michael Glynn. He was aged 80. See biography and obituary for further information.
Feb 17th 2012 A daughter for Cameron Glynn (son of Hugh & Ann, Sligo) and Marie Louise (Johnston) Mullingar. A healthy 9oz baby. She has been christened Eloise Anne.
Jun 10th 2011 The visit of Sue, Bret, Emily & Vincent to Ireland - photo.
Jun 3rd 2011 A photo of 523 Benton Boulevard, Kansas MO, Home of Thomas Glenn & family
March 31st 2010 A second baby for Claire & Marcus Heasly on February 12th. They have called him Sebastian. See photo of Angus, age 3.
Oct. 30th 2009 A baby boy (7lbs, 7oz.) for Denise Glynn and Brendan Carty, Loughrea. They have called him Jack Patrick.
Oct. 30th 2009 Myra Fitzmaurice, daughter of Rose Glynn and Jack Fitzmaurice, great granddaughter of Michael Glynn, died of complications following surgery on Sunday Oct. 10th. She was 70.
July 16th 2009 A baby boy for Hannah (Glynn) Neff, (daughter of Joe and Margrette of Melbourne)  and Larry Neff. Lachlan Julian Neff was born in San Francisco on June 27th 2009. He weighs 9 lbs and is 21.5 inches.
May 21st 2009 Amanda Thompson's engagement to Chris Hamker. Photo and details.
Jan 24th 2009 Photo of Helen Inman (C3) age 7 to 10 from Patty Glynn.
Jan 24th 2009 Hannah Glynn (D167) daughter of Joe, Melbourne, Australia married Larry Neff, Berkeley, California. Larry is production manager of the Kronos quartet while Hannah manages the Cypress quartet.
Apr. 14th 2008 Wedding photo of Rebecca Mills and Johnny Huang wedding see photo
May 1st 2007 News from Pat (Crowley) Berlan-another new arrival. "On April 17th, Ian Terence Crowley (our first Crowley grandchild) came into this world - weighing 8 pounds, 2oz, 19 inches out a good cry. Mom, Anita Karklins Crowley and dad, John J Crowley are doing well....John kept on saying "beautiful, absolutely beautiful....may have red hair....let out a good cry....getting his first bath now....just beautiful" We are delighted, overjoyed and relieved all went well."
Jan 27th 2007 Good news from Australia. Angus Patrick Heasly born to Claire (Glynn, Melbourne) and Marcus Heasly at 2.30 pm on Saturday January 27th. See photo of Angus at 5 hrs old
Jan 25th 2007 Rebecca Mills and Johnny Huang announce their engagement.
Nov 29th 2006 Photo of Kansas cousins from Patty Glynn see photo
Nov 28th 2006 Catherine Glynn, daughter of Tony Glynn married Justin Wager on Sep 3rd 2006 see photo
Oct 16th 2006 Good news from Canada - a baby boy - Joseph Conrad, born to Anne and Simon de Groot on Thursday October 12th. He was 9lb 3oz and 21.5in long.
Sep 15th 2006 Patty Glynn of Kansas graduated from Rockhurst College with an honours degree in Business Studies Click here for photo
Oct 28th 2005 Audrey Doreen Glynn, wife of Tony Glynn died in Toronto on October 13th. She was 79.
Oct 5th 2005 Rich & Jo Hathorne's visit to Ireland, September 2005 Click here
Apr 7th 2005 Wedding photos: The wedding of Claire Glynn, daughter of Joe and Margrette and Marcus Heasly in Australia on Feb. 26th 2005. Click Here
Jan 20th 2005 Photos from Doug Miller of the Egan, Miller, Crow and Brereton families on pages 3, 4,18 and 19 of Album 4.
Jan 6th 2005 The last grandchild of Michael Glynn, and daughter of John Glynn, Williamstown, Sarah (Ciss) (Glynn) Casey died in Boston on January 5th. She was 98 and had lived a full and happy life. She is survived by her daughters, Margaret Torio and Patricia Crowley-Berlan and her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Mrs. Casey will be waked at the Lehman and Reem Funeral Home, 63 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brighton, Mass., on Friday, Jan. 7th at 2:00-4:00PM and 7:00-9:00PM. There will be a funeral mass at 10:00AM on Saturday, Jan. 8th at St. Mary's Church, Brookline. Burial will follow at the Evergreen Cemetery, Brighton, Mass.
Dec 2nd 2004. Photos from Helen Duggan of her mother, Katherine and her father, Jimmy dating from 1917 and photos from Marnie Sherman in the photo albums.
Nov 9th 2004 Updates from Rich Hathorne to Glynntree.doc include 4D36c Lane David Orser, 4D37a Jessica Ryan Bell and 2D38a Evan Gerard Hardy.
Aug 4th 2004 The Australian Glynns (Joe) are in Album 5, page 16. Brendan Franz on his recent visit to Galway in Album 3, page 1, a matchbook photo of James Glynn of California in Album 2 page 1 and old photos of Williamstown and Dunmore in Album 6 page 2.
May 6th 2004 A new arrival - a baby boy - Maximillian Cornelius, born to Anne and Simon De Groot on April 28th. He was 6lb 1oz and 20in long. Click for photo.
Apr 5th 2004 A tribute to Fr Nicholas Egan Separate page - click here
Dec 18th 2003 Sadly, I have to report another recent death - that of Margaret (Tuckie) (McGlynn) Campbell of Chico, California. She was a great grand - daughter of Patrick McGlynn, the eldest of the Glynn brothers and the first to immigrate to Kansas. She married Daniel James McCampbell in 1990 and had three boys, Thomas (11), Patrick (10) and Connor (6). She was only 46.
Nov 18th 2003 Due to the huge amount of unsolicited mail I have been getting on the old address I have had to abandon it. The new one is on the homepage.
Sept 28th 2003 I regret to report another death - that of Josephine (nee McGarry) Glynn, wife of Basil Glynn R.I.P. (C45) of Upper Newcastle, Galway and late of Dunmore. She died after a long illness and is survived by her children, Stephanie, Geraldine, Deirdre, Jimmie, Basil, her grandchildren, Shane Clodagh, Robert, Kenneth, Laura, Alex, the late Rory and her brother Des. She died on September 24th and is buried in Dunmore.
Sept 20 th 2003 Another addition to the tree, (2D161). Laura Ann Glynn (7lbs. 5oz.) was born in the Coombe Hospital, Dublin on 13 Sept to Declan and Frances Glynn, Dublin. She is granddaughter to Sean, great-granddaughter to Seamus, great-great granddaughter to John (Williamstown) and great-great-great granddaughter to Michael.
August 11th 2003 Photos of Eadaoin (Byrne) Hiscock, Philip Hiscock and Kieran Hiscock added to Album 5, Page 9, courtesy of Ronan Byrne (he was lonely all on his own on the page!!) Thanks Ronan.
July 17th 2003 We have a new addition to the family tree:  Conor Patrick Glynn (2D123) was born on 10 July 2003.  7 lb 12ozs dark haired with a look of the Glynns!  Son of Conor and Hilary of Morden, London, sister to Ellen and grandson of Jack Glynn, Cork.  They are delighted.
May 13 2003 The latest version of Glynntree.doc (Ver. Mcb) with some small changes now available for downloading
March 25th 2003 I regret to report the death of Father Nicholas (Joseph Kieran) Egan O.F.M.  He suffered a stroke last week and died last night, March 24th 2003. He was a great grandson of Michael Glynn and Mary Mullen. He had reached the age of 80 on March 5th. He will be greatly missed.
February 2003 Following extensive research by Christine on (A7) Joseph M Glenn there is an amended version  of his life in the History pages.
January 3rd 2003 We welcome newly found family members, Linda and Glenn Andregg, the family of C20 Rosalie Glenn, Kansas. This happy event has resulted in a change of ID numbers for the "D" generation and onwards.
December  25th 2002 Email from Ronan and Samantha Glynn (son of Brendan, Galway)
Just an update on Ronan Glynn (D110) and Samantha Rodela. We have another son, Conor Glynn born on October 19, 2002.
December 23rd 2002 Email from Sarah Amos
November 2001 Sadly, our family is less two members.  Jeanette Basantz (nee' Bickham) died three days before Thanksgiving and her mother, Anita Bickham, died on December 21.  I wasn't able to attend either funeral unfortunately.  Fortunately, I have some very good memories that will last a long time.  I was also able to visit my cousin, Jeanette the last time we were in Kansas City.  My Great Aunt Anita has been unwell for awhile and the last time I saw her was at my grandmother's funeral.